Studio Kemp is based in Galder, the Netherlands, making handmade and thrown stoneware objects of a timeless quality and design. Studio Kemp is about the love of making and passion for materials. My name is Viktoria Kemp, the designer, maker and hands behind the name Studio Kemp.

Eversince I have touched this earthy material; clay I am amazed every day how the mud  transforms simply by hands and fire into an object that elevates the spaces we live in.


alchemy: the magical process of combination and transformation


There are infinite combinations of raw materials. Each mix reacts differently and give a unique effect  when exposed to high temperatures (between 1050-1200 degrees celsius).  I make the objects on the wheel or form them by hand. Then I let the piece dry for about a week and  fire it in an electric reduction kiln. Then I glaze and fire again. Each fire takes about 24 hours kiln time. The result is a ceramic object that is imprevious to water and time.


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